Switching is easy

Albion Gas provide bulk LPG for commercial gas use. The switch process is easy and simple. We'll guide you through dealing with your existing supplier in order to switch keeping paperwork and disruption at a minimum. When it comes to exchanging the tanks we'll work with you to ensure your gas supply is continued and any disruptions kept to a minimum.

New installations

If you're looking at a new LPG gas tank installation then we're only to happy to help. Our sales manager will make a site visit, complete a site survey and get to know you and your business. We'll then tailor an installation to suit the needs of your business. If space is an issue our sales manager can recommend a range of gas cylinders to suit your requirements.

Service you deserve

We work closely with Flogas to offer the best gas supply possible. While your account and billing are dealt with through Flogas, your supply is through Albion Gas. This ensures that you receive all the benefits of a large company i.e. online accounts and billing while having the flexibility and service of a small local company.

Storage on the island

Albion Gas are the only gas supplier to have storage on the island for bulk gas. This ensures that if bad weather disrupts any ferry sailings then you'll still receive your gas as scheduled. 




LPG supply for agriculture

We work closely with farmers and agricultural companies to ensure the most competitive prices while offering the customer service we're known for. with a range of bulk supply options & cylinders we guarantee to have a supply solution for your business. Contact us to learn how Albion Gas can benefit you this season. 




LPG supply for leisure

LPG is a great way for hotel and leisure businesses to save on running costs and reduce carbon emissions. And it’s a cleaner, greener, more cost-effective energy source than traditional fuels like oil.

Whether you’re using another fuel like oil and are paying over the odds, or are already using LPG with another supplier, we’ll provide a service that reduces your energy bills, saves you stress and connects you to a team of energy experts.

Our goal is to take the hassle out of your energy supply, so you can focus on running a great business that your customers and guests love. We’re the experts so you don’t have to be.



Albion Gas - switch bulk supply


Competitive Prices

Offering the most competitive prices since 1997, ensuring nobody has to pay over the odds for their bulk gas supply.

20 Years Experience

We've been providing gas to our happy customers for 20 years: so you know you're in good hands.

Saving You Money

We expect to save our domestic customers an average of 8-10 pence per litre against our competitors.