With Albion Gas, a metered estate gas supply is as convenient as being connected to the mains gas network

We supply domestic bulk gas to housing estates and developments which are out of reach of the mains gas network.  It's a cost effective solution for developers, especially in more remote areas of the country.


A fully managed service

With the metered estate service, each home shares a communal bulk storage tank. Gas is supplied through a networked pipe system; just like mains gas, each property is fitted with a meter to record the gas used. We take regular meter readings and each household is billed accurately for the gas they use.

We refill the storage tank regularly — for an uninterrupted supply of fuel to the estate.

How it works

Typically, each individual customer on a metered estate has an individual contract with the gas supplier. At some estates the customers are represented as a group by an elected or appointed metered estate manager.

If you’re a developer, or act as coordinator for a metered estate, get in touch to arrange a free site visit by Albion Gas.

Albion Gas - switch bulk supply


Competitive Prices

Offering the most competitive prices since 1997, ensuring nobody has to pay over the odds for their bulk gas supply.

20 Years Experience

We've been providing gas to our happy customers for 20 years: so you know you're in good hands.

Saving You Money

We offer an efficient installation and delivery service, keeping costs low and passing them on to the customer.