Building beyond the mains

Albion Gas appreciates that new housing developments offer style and efficiency, whatever their location. As the number of homeowners looking to escape to the country grows, there is a corresponding need for new housing to be built in areas that cannot feasibly or economically be connected to the mains gas network. Lack of access to the mains gas supply need not mean that households have to go without the creature comforts of more urban living.  Albion Gas offers a solution to this by offering underground LPG tanks, providing all the benefits of main gas to home owners in rural areas.

Advantages of LPG

An LPG supply offers homeowners all the advantages and flexibility of mains gas, with the convenience of connection in the most rural of locations.

Controllable gas flame cooking

Highly efficient gas boilers

Modern, stylish appliances

Easily accessible and hassle free meter readings

Low set up costs

Environmentally friendly fuel



Whats the alternative?

Building in rural areas brings to your customers the advantages of space, tranquility and a feeling of being closer to nature. Where mains gas is not available, there are two leading alternative fuel sources for central heating: oil and LPG. By choosing LPG you can get all benefits of mains gas, including a controllable gas flame and stylish modern gas appliances whilst maintaining the rural aesthetic and helping the environment.

What storage option fits best?

We know every development is different and that’s why we offer a personal approach to energy supply. With a range of storage options to suit, whether it’s a single tank installation, or a metered estate compound, we’ll work with you to decide which storage option works best for both you and your customers. Unlike oil tanks, LPG tanks can be buried underground to ensure that any views remain unspoiled.

Commercial Energy Solutions

It's not just housing developments that can benefit from a Albion Gas metered supply; business parks and industrial parks can get the same great benefits.

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Competitive Prices

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20 Years Experience

We've been providing gas to our happy customers for 20 years: so you know you're in good hands.

Saving You Money

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