Hobbyweld 5 Ultra MIG Gas



Hobbyweld 5

The Hobbyweld 5 Ultra cylinder is perfect for welding mild steel under 7mm, combined with the increased gas capacity of the Ultra cylinder makes it ideal for much larger projects.

Users of this tri-mix will see improved results over straight carbon dioxide – It’s cleaner, faster and much higher quality. Hobbyweld 5 is the best selling gas we produce as it’s range of application starts from small jobs around the house up to full scale car restoration jobs. This gas would not be out of place in a garage or bodyshop.



Equivalent to BOC: Argoshield Light.

Gas Pressure 300 bar / 4350 psi
Gas Capacity 6.13 cubic metres
Water Capacity 20 litres
Gas Mix 93% Argon / 5% Carbon Dioxide / 2% Oxygen
Cylinder Fitting EN561 Quick-Action

Suited Material: Mild Steel

Additional information

Weight 31.6 kg
Dimensions 200 × 1050 cm

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