Leading Supplier to the Island

Albion Gas are the leading drinks dispense gas supplier to the island, with 20+ years experience we guarantee we can add value to your gas supply. We work closely with Air Liquide, one of the industries largest dispense gas suppliers so we know we can offer the best service and price.


We deliver across the island on a daily basis, ensuring our gas cylinders are delivered when required, ensuring nobody is stuck without gas.


All our dispense gas cylinders are rent free, this avoids large monthly bills or being forced to under stock your cellar.

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Why not let us manage your stock?

With our free cellar management system, we monitor your stock levels for you, ensuring you have enough stock for the coming weeks. We frequently check your stocks and replace any empty cylinders. You'll have adequate buffer stock should you find yourself busier than usual and we'll tailor stock levels to reflect the time of year. Deliveries are made every two, three or four weeks depending on your usage and distance from our depot in Brodick. We guarantee you'll never be left without gas again.


Should you wish to manage your own stock levels, you can contact us at any time, whether it's over the phone, email or through our 'order gas' contact form to place your order.


Should you find yourself without gas then please contact us ASAP and we'll organise a free emergency delivery. Please note that this service is only available for Albion Gas customers.

Quality Assured

We are part of a nationwide network of over 90 distribution partners, we have the capacity to supply from single site businesses to multi-site organisations. We partner with Air Liquide, a world leader in the manufacture, supply and development of drinks dispense and beverage gases.


Our gases are subject to stringent quality checks throughout production and the supply chain process. The same applies to our cylinders which are constantly checked and monitored to ensure they meet all the necessary HSE and industry requirements. And, of course, you can be reassured that we comply with the Weights & Measures Act 1976 and 1985.


We can supply all gas mixes, including; 70/30, 60/40 and 50/50 in 10L bottles. CO2 can be supplied in 6.35KG, 22KG and 34KG sizes. All cylinders are available for delivery next day. We keep large stocks to ensure there's never a shortage, that's one of the reasons we're the fastest growing dispense gas supplier on the island.


Albion Gas understand that ONE BAD PINT=ONE LESS CUSTOMER

Drinks Dispense Supplier to the Isle of Arran


Competitive Prices

Offering the most competitive prices since 1997, ensuring nobody has to pay over the odds for their bottled gas.

20 Years Experience

We've been providing bottled gas to our happy customers for 20 years: so you know you're in good hands.

Dependable Deliveries

Our depot in Brodick is perfectly situated to supply the whole island with bottled gas. Both same and next day deliveries offered, delivering gas to your door!