Ordering Gas Online

Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Purchase

Transportation of LPG Cylinders:

When transporting LPG cylinders, they must be kept upright at all times and not on their side, this prevents liquid from touching the gas valve.

Returns & Replacement Cylinders

Albion Gas will only accept a cylinder return IF the cylinder has NOT been connected, once a cylinder is connected a return is no longer possible (Regardless of who connected the cylinder, Albion Gas or the customer). If a cylinder is faulty then we will be more than willing to REPLACE the cylinder, a refund will not be given. A driver will check the cylinder upon collection, if there is no sign of a gas leak the cylinder(s) will not be replaced.

Delivering Online Orders

Albion Gas aim to deliver all cylinder orders either same or next day depending on the time the order is placed. We may make contact with the customer before delivery to ensure a clear path to the cylinder is made and a delivery address is confirmed. Bank holidays and weekends may affect delivery times.

Cancelling an Online Order

Should you wish to cancel an online order, please make contact with Albion Gas by calling: 01770 600113 or emailing: [email protected]. An order CAN NOT be cancelled after the cylinder has been delivered.

Gaslight Cylinders

There is a £30.00 deposit on both 10KG and 5KG gaslight cylinders if no empty is returned. Albion Gas will contact you before delivery to confirm an empty is available for exchange, if not we will advise you of a £30.00 deposit charge or suggest an alternative cylinder with the same valve.

Facebook Advertising

Albion gas will not sell or misuse ANY personnel  information received whether it's been submitted either through our website or via Facebook or our Advertising partners.

Call-Out Charges

While Albion Gas will make effort to ensure your product(s) are fully working and correct, we cannot be expected to be called out, out of hours without a call-out charge being applied unless otherwise stated. If Albion Gas is called out to a 'run-out' and there is sufficient gas supplies left, a charge will be incurred by the customer.

Albion Gas offer our run-out service to all of our existing customers. Customers of any competitors will receive ONE call out free of charge, if they refuse to switch supply over to Albion Gas after this, the run-out service will not be honoured in the future for that particular customer.

Thank you for ordering your gas from Albion Gas.